Leadership, Innovation, & Design

The Leadership, Innovation, and Design Specialization requires 9 points, consisting of 3 three-point courses (or a combination of 3.0 and 1.5-point courses). 

Students who declared a specialization in Management in Spring 2022 or prior may continue with their original program of study

Leadership, Innovation, and Design Courses
INAF U6016Cost-Benefit Analysis3
INAF U6053Creating a Social Enterprise3
INAF U6124Building & Scaling Social Impact Programs1.5
INAF U6125Scale Up Ventures: Growing a Business Outside of Silicon Valley3.00
INAF U6126Design for Social Innovation3
INAF U6128Impact Investing and Financial Innovation1.50
INAF U6129Storytelling and The Art of Creating Social Impact Campaigns3.00
INAF U6131Impact Investing: Essential Skills1.50
INAF U6137Social Value Investing: a Framework for Cross Sector Partnerships3
INAF U6186Community Economic Development: Origins, Policy and Practice3
INAF U6226Leadership and Innovative Policy Making3
INAF U6525Social Innovation, Technology, and Public Policy in the Global South1.5
INAF U6889Measuring and Evaluating Impact in the 21st Century3
INAF U8380Managing the Global Corporation3.00
PUAF U6028Public-Private Partnerships To Foster Effective, Sustainable & Scalable Nonprofits1.50
PUAF U6033Decision Models & Management3
PUAF U6135Civic Innovation & Designing for People1.5
PUAF U6217Operations Management3
PUAF U6312Campaign Management3.00
PUAF U6460Benchmarking Skills for Process & Organizational Improvement1
PUAF U6801Negotiation & Conflict Resolution3
PUAF U8203Project Management3
Other SIPA Courses
These courses are pre-approved to fulfull credit in the Leadership, Innovation, & Design Specialization
EMPA U6036Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility3
EMPA U6105Strategic Management of Information & Communications Technologies for the Public Good3
INAF U6004Programming for Social Impact1.5
INAF U6041Corporations and Human Rights3
INAF U6042Energy, Enterprise and Development3
INAF U6085Economic Development in Latin America3.00
INAF U6116Infrastructure Cost Benefit Analysis3
INAF U6372Women's Leadership: Impact of Policy1.5
INAF U6515Technology and the Future of Governance and Public Policy1.5
INAF U6604Applied Econometrics3
INAF U6605Impact Evaluation Methods and Applications to Health and Social Policy3
INAF U6745Navigating Diversity & Inclusion in Public Policy & International Affairs1.5
INAF U6762Risk Management for UN Crisis & Conflict Responses3
INAF U6898Program Evaluation and Design3
INAF U6907Principles and Techniques of Fundraising1.5
INAF U6912Messaging Policy in the Digital Age1.5
INAF U8098Impact Investing: Intention, Fiduciary Duty and Measurement1.5
INAF U8201Public Education: New Strategies for a New Era1.5
INAF U8350Finance for the World's Poorest3
INAF U8354Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Development3
INAF U8559Building Peace After Conflict1.5
INAF U8560Governance and Management in the UN System3
INAF U8690Managing Humanitarian Emergencies3
PUAF U6212Digital Media Management1.5
PUAF U8260Generating Financial Support to Grow Social Enterprises1.5
SIPA U6501Quantitative Analysis II for International & Public Affairs3
SIPA U8500Quantitative Methods in Program Evaluation and Policy Research3

Degree Audit Report

Matriculated students in this program can view their degree audit report on Stellic.