New Courses @ SIPA 2022-23

New AY23 courses will continue to be added to this list. Please check back regularly. 

Fall 2022
EMPA U6605Urban Policy by Design3.00
INAF U6267Climate-security: Examining the links between climate change, peace and security1.50
INAF U6342Ending Civil Wars3.00
INAF U6426Energy Transition in Latin America3.00
INAF U6529Cyberspace in Strategy and Grand Strategy3.00
INAF U6705Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting3.00
INAF U6826Political Participation, Mobilization, and Socialization3.00
INAF U8355Economic Perspectives on Inequality3.00
PUAF U6249Co-Designing Smart Cities3.00
PUAF U6275Dynamics of New York Public Policy1.50
PUAF U8410The Use of Science-based Evidence in Decision and Policymaking3.00
REGN U6855Chinese Foreign Policy3.00
Spring 2023
INAF U6124Building & Scaling Social Impact Programs3.00
INAF U6268Agricultural Energy & Environmental Policy for Gov, NGO & Corporate Decisionmakers3.00
INAF U6272Introduction to Data Analytics for Public Policy, Administration, and Management1.50
INAF U6274Introduction to Database Design, Management, and Security1.50
INAF U6292The European Union in a Time of Global Polycrisis1.50
INAF U6304Sovereign Debt and Power Dynamics3.00
INAF U6341UN Development System in Action: Governance, Funding and Country-level Results1.50
INAF U6462Collaborative Social Justice and Health1.00
INAF U6487The Tenets and Dilemmas of Humanitarian Action3.00
INAF U6504Python for Public Policy1.50
INAF U6545Artificial Intelligence: A Survey for Policy Makers3.00
INAF U6593R for Public Policy1.50
INAF U6690Sustainable Finance I: Foundations of ESG Investing3.00
INAF U6692Sustainable Finance II: System-level Investing1.50
INAF U6695Climate Finance, Policy, and the Just Transition3.00
INAF U6709Environment, Development, & Politics in Africa3.00
INAF U6726Global Constitutionalism3.00
INAF U6742Gender and International Security3.00
INAF U6832International Intelligence Systems3.00
INAF U6861Global Monetary Policy in the 21st Century3.00
INAF U6878Divorce of Nations & Role of Diplomacy1.50
INAF U6882Yemen at War1.50
INAF U6902Journalism in the Movies: Breaking News, Exposing Crime, Saving Democracy3.00
INAF U6979Online Trust & Safety1.50
INAF U8360Economic Measurement of Discrimination3.00
INAF U8908Sustainable Investing Research Consulting Project3.00
PUAF U8359Debate over US Racial Reparations3.00
REGN U6548Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe1.50
REGN U6618Race in Brazil: Theory, Policies and Movements1.50
REGN U6858Rise of China & the World3.00

NOTE: Course information changes frequently. Please re-visit these pages periodically for the most recent and up-to-date information.