New Courses @ SIPA 2023-24

New AY24 courses will continue to be added to this list. Please check back regularly. 

Summer 2023
LEAD U6000Leadership and Global Policy Challenges6.00
LEAD U6500Econ & Quant Methods Bootcamp2.00
Fall 2023
EMPA U6426Digital Case Study Projects3.00
INAF U6151Children & Armed Conflict3.00
INAF U6275Geographic Information Systems and Analysis3.00
INAF U6324Gulf Economic Statecraft & the Energy Transition1.50
INAF U6328Financing the Energy Transition in Emerging Markets1.50
INAF U6482Humanitarian Advocacy: Ethics, Methods, and Impact3.00
INAF U6546Artificial Intelligence and Conflict Prevention: Practical, Policy, and Ethical Dimensions3.00
INAF U6547Building AI Tools with Large Language Models1.50
INAF U6574Evaluation in the UN System3.00
INAF U6696Impact Investing I: Foundations3.00
INAF U6702ESG and Corporate Political Strategy1.50
INAF U6704ESG and Fiduciary Duty1.50
INAF U6706Climate Change & ESG Investing1.50
INAF U6708Impact Measurement and Management3.00
INAF U6743Advancing Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Expression in Int'l Development1.50
INAF U6768Forced Displacement: Refugees, IDPs, and Others in a changing normative and political world3.00
INAF U6903Emerging Digital Tech for Impact1.50
INAF U6918Digital Service Delivery for Leaders and Policy Makers3.00
INAF U6958Gender Data for Gender Equality1.50
INAF U8878Nuclear Theory, Politics, & Strategies3.00
LEAD U6101Global Leadership Seminar I3.00
PUAF U6035Leadership in Times of Disruption1.50
PUAF U6249Digital Innovation for Urban Governance1.50
PUAF U6314Climate Campaigning Reimagined: Communications and Mobilization1.50
PUAF U8246Urban Policy by Design1.50
REGN U6515Russia and the European Union3.00
REGN U6870Japanese Foreign Policy3.00
REGN U8760Fragmentation of the World: Ukraine and Taiwan as Cases1.50
SIPA U6700Inside the Situation Room3.00
Spring 2024
INAF U6503Big Data3.00
REGN U6654North Korea: State, Society, Diplomacy, and Security3.00

NOTE: Course information changes frequently. Please revisit these pages periodically for the most recent and up-to-date information.