New Courses @ SIPA 2023-24

New AY24 courses will continue to be added to this list. Please check back regularly.  

Spring 2024
EMPA U6236International Relations Theory for Global Policy Making3.00
IAIA U6360Global Politics for People and Planet: A New Paradigm3.00
IAIA U6362Extreme-Right Populism and International Cooperation3.00
INAF U6144Campaigning for Change through Media, Mobilization & the Power of Persuasion3.00
INAF U6189Political Development3.00
INAF U6269Climate Tech and Regenerative Entrepreneurship3.00
INAF U6271Clean Energy and Environmental Campaigns3.00
INAF U6303Selected Topics in Financial Inclusion: Enhancing Financial Access for the Poor1.50
INAF U6372Women and Leadership: Designing Policy for Gender Equity1.50
INAF U6431Asian Energy Security3.00
INAF U6486Humanitarian Engagement with Armed Actors1.50
INAF U6503Applying Machine Learning3.00
INAF U6534Cyberspace in Modern Warfare3.00
INAF U6547Building AI Tools with Large Language Models1.50
INAF U6573Humanitarian, Development, and Peace Nexus3.00
INAF U6693History of Sustainable Investing1.50
INAF U6697Capital Market Mobilization for Mitigating Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss1.50
INAF U6698Impact Investing II: Blended Finance1.50
INAF U6736Innovations in Development Finance1.50
INAF U6852The Future of Monetary Policy: Lessons from the New Millennium1.50
INAF U6854Innovations in the International Monetary System: Lessons from the Past1.50
INAF U6922Race and Western Journalism1.50
INAF U6932Ethics of Media, Technology, and Design3.00
INAF U8082International Finance, Liability Flows and Economic Stability3.00
INAF U8205The Modern American Presidency: Its Evolution and Power3.00
INAF U8645Foreign Exchange Markets: Theory & Practice1.50
LEAD U6102Global Leadership Seminar II3.00
PEPM U6108Economic Strategies for Public and Private Sector Management3.00
PUAF U6182Politics of Education Policy3.00
PUAF U6206How Government, Civil Society & Corporations Solve Societal Problems3.00
PUAF U8425Labor, Inequality, and Multiracial Democracy3.00
REGN U6320The EU and Democracy: Challenges and Perspectives for the Next Decade1.50
REGN U6420Exclusion, Gender, and Mano Dura Policies3.00
REGN U6520Politics of Identity in Post-Communist Europe3.00
REGN U6654North Korea: State, Society, Diplomacy, and Security3.00
REGN U6880China in International Human Rights Regime3.00
Fall 2023
EMPA U6426Digital Case Study Projects3.00
INAF U6151Children & Armed Conflict3.00
INAF U6275Geographic Information Systems and Analysis3.00
INAF U6324Gulf Economic Statecraft & the Energy Transition1.50
INAF U6328Financing the Energy Transition in Emerging Markets1.50
INAF U6482Humanitarian Advocacy: Ethics, Methods, and Impact3.00
INAF U6546Artificial Intelligence and Conflict Prevention: Practical, Policy, and Ethical Dimensions3.00
INAF U6547Building AI Tools with Large Language Models1.50
INAF U6574Evaluation in the UN System3.00
INAF U6696Impact Investing I: Foundations3.00
INAF U6702ESG and Corporate Political Strategy1.50
INAF U6704ESG and Fiduciary Duty1.50
INAF U6706Climate Change & ESG Investing1.50
INAF U6708Impact Measurement and Management3.00
INAF U6743Advancing Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Expression in Int'l Development1.50
INAF U6768Forced Displacement: Refugees, IDPs, and Others in a changing normative and political world3.00
INAF U6903Emerging Digital Tech for Impact1.50
INAF U6918Digital Service Delivery for Leaders and Policy Makers3.00
INAF U6958Gender Data for Gender Equality1.50
INAF U8878Nuclear Theory, Politics, & Strategies3.00
LEAD U6101Global Leadership Seminar I3.00
PUAF U6035Leadership in Times of Disruption1.50
PUAF U6249Digital Innovation for Urban Governance1.50
PUAF U6314Climate Campaigning Reimagined: Communications and Mobilization1.50
PUAF U8246Urban Policy by Design1.50
REGN U6515Russia and the European Union3.00
REGN U6870Japanese Foreign Policy3.00
REGN U8760Fragmentation of the World: Ukraine and Taiwan as Cases1.50
SIPA U6700Inside the Situation Room3.0
Summer 2023
LEAD U6500Econ & Quant Methods Bootcamp2.00
LEAD U6000Leadership and Global Policy Challenges6.00

NOTE: Course information changes frequently. Please revisit these pages periodically for the most recent and up-to-date information.