Policy on Video Recordings

  • Recorded class sessions may not be downloaded, copied, or distributed
  • No recording of class (audio or video) may be shared with anyone not enrolled in the class
  • Violation of these policies will constitute a violation of the SIPA Academic Integrity Policy and may entail serious consequences


Your courses may be recorded. The primary reason for these recordings is to facilitate hybrid and online learning and allow all students to review content after class sessions. Class session recordings may be made for sessions taught in a hybrid or online format and are expected to be made available to students through the course website.

Class recordings may be used by the instructor(s) during the semester and in future course iterations. Recordings will be retained according to school policy for a period not to exceed two years unless otherwise required by Law.

These recordings are intended for students registered in the courses and not for public viewing. Students are not permitted to allow anyone to view or listen to class sessions, recordings, or any course materials, and students will not copy, forward, or share said recordings/materials.

Students should refer to the University’s Essential Policies for the Columbia Community and the relevant school-specific policies, which can be found at https://vptli.columbia.edu/policies/online-policies

If you have questions or concerns about class recordings, please speak directly with your instructor, advising dean, or SIPA Academic Affairs.