A student admitted to Barnard with fewer than 24 points of credit is considered a first-year student and is subject to all requirements for first-year students, including First-Year Seminar. A student admitted with 24 credits or more is considered a transfer student. To receive the A.B. degree at Barnard, a transfer student must be enrolled at Barnard (Morningside Heights, or at Reid Hall in Paris, Columbia in London, Columbia in Kenya, Berlin Consortium for German Studies, or Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies) for at least four full-time regular academic terms during which she must complete at least 60 points, including at least six courses in the major field (and three in the minor field, if a minor is elected). Additional major (and minor) courses, as well as general education requirements, may be satisfied by transfer courses. Transfer students are eligible for Latin honors when both overall and Barnard averages meet the required academic standards. 

Transfer Credit   

Courses completed at other accredited colleges and universities which are similar in content and depth to Barnard courses may be submitted for transfer credit. Transfer courses are evaluated after a complete official transcript is received in the Office of the Registrar. Students are asked to submit course descriptions with their requests for transfer credit to the Admissions Office.

Credit for approved work at another institution is applied to Barnard’s graduation requirement with a maximum of 61 total credits (60 academic credits plus 1 credit for Physical Education) and a maximum of 16 points per term. The 61-credit maximum applies to a student’s entire academic record at Barnard, including any credit from AP, IB or other select national examinations and diplomas; any credits transferred in from prior to Barnard; and any credits from study abroad, study leave, or summer courses taken while at Barnard..

Credit is not granted for courses with grades lower than C minus. Acceptable transfer work does not usually include applied or professional courses.  Specific course and credit maximums may apply to studio coursework (whether transfer or institutional) as outlined hereBarnard generally does not grant transfer credit for online courses.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, synchronous online classes taken during spring '20 through summer '21 will be considered for transfer credit, subject to the applicable policies/approvals. Prior to Spring 2021, the first term of an elementary language course was not normally credited unless or until the second term or a more advanced course had been satisfactorily completed, but a student could request a single exception to this policy. As of Spring 2021, students are allowed to receive credit for stand-alone elementary language courses, provided those courses meet other credit transfer requirements.

Transfer students entering with 24 or more points must complete 121 points for the Barnard degree, and 1 of those points is for PE. Only 1 point from PE will be used toward the 121 points required for the degree. Students will not receive credit for any additional PE classes.  Once a student has received 1 point for PE, they may receive credit for additional dance technique courses, but they may not receive credit for any further PE courses. (Transfer students who entered before Fall 2013 must complete 120 points and do not receive credit for Physical Education.)

Transfer students may apply for credit for previous summer courses under the regulations governing summer study. There is a 16-credit maximum for summer coursework, including summer courses taken both prior to and during a student’s matriculation at Barnard

First-year students with a record of prior course work taken as non-matriculants at an accredited college in the United States may request up to 15 points of transfer credit (the courses must be intended primarily for college students and taught at the college by members of its faculty, and must be in excess of the courses required for the high school diploma). Such work will be evaluated after the student has completed 12 points at Barnard.

Grades for course work transferred from other institutions are not included in a student's Barnard's GPA, but they are included when determining Latin honors eligibility at the time of graduation.