Proficiency and Placement Exam Policies

SIPA provides “proficiency” examinations for specific subject areas (not including Economics), which enable students to waive out of specific courses if they pass the exam.

For Economics, SIPA offers a “placement” examination, which enables students to “place into” higher-level Economics coursework, as described more fully below.  

Passing a proficiency or placement exam does not grant students any credit toward their degree. Proficiency and placement exams are generally offered at the beginning of each term. A student may only take a proficiency exam once (this includes when a student begins a proficiency exam but does not finish the exam). While students are strongly encouraged to take proficiency exams at the beginning of their first semester, the economics placement exam can only be taken at the start of the Fall or Spring semester of a student’s first year.

After completing these exams, students will receive a notification indicating “pass” or “fail.” The pass/fail designation is given upon careful review by the instructor marking the exam. That decision is final and not subject to appeal (because these exams are only administered as a courtesy for proficiency/placement purposes; students do not receive access to their completed exams). 

Please be aware that proficiency exams are provided without the option for feedback, reviews, or appeals. By electing to take the exam, you acknowledge and accept these conditions.

More information and registration for the exams can be found on the Proficiency and Placement Exam Registration Form. 

Each semester, exams are offered for the following subjects and languages:   

  1. Economics Placement Exams
    ​-  SIPA U6300 Microeconomics for International & Public Affairs/SIPA U6301 Macroeconomics for International and Public Affairs
    -  SIPA U6400 Microeconomic Analysis for International and Public Affairs/SIPA U6401 Macroeconomic Analysis for International and Public Affairs 
    - All students are required to fulfill six credits of Economics coursework as part of the SIPA degree, regardless of academic or professional background (and even if they pass the Economics placement exam). If a student feels they have sufficient knowledge of Economics and would like to place out of the core Economics courses to take more advanced coursework to fulfill their six-credit Economics requirement, they may take the Economics placement exam.
    - The Economics placement exams consist of a Micro section and a Macro section. Students may elect to take one or both sections, but they must complete all Economics placement exams/sections within their first two semesters. 
    - Students are only allowed to take the Economics Placement Exams within their first two semesters of study at SIPA
  2. Quantitative Analysis Proficiency Exams
    -  SIPA U6500 Quantitative Analysis for International Public Affairs
    -  SIPA U6501 Quantitative Analysis II for International Public Affairs  
  3. Accounting Proficiency Exam
    -  SIPA U6200 Accounting for International Public Affairs

Beginning in Spring 2022, SIPA will no longer offer Language Proficiency Exams. Students wishing to waive language requirements must take proficiency exams through the appropriate language department. Please contact the respective language departments for exam dates and more information.