SEAS MS Express Program

The MS Express program affords highly qualified undergraduate applicants from SEAS, Columbia College, Barnard, and General Studies the opportunity to apply to any MS program in engineering at SEAS and matriculate in the semester immediately following their graduation. Interested eligible alumni of these schools may also apply within three years of graduation.

Advantages of the Program

  • Eligible students may begin fulfilling the requirements for the graduate degree during their senior year, provided that these courses will not be used to fulfill the requirements for the undergraduate degree, thereby reducing the time required to complete the graduate degree.
  • Advanced courses have the same prerequisites that students may have fulfilled while taking science and engineering courses as undergraduates
  • During the senior year of their undergraduate program, students may save tuition by taking graduate classes while paying the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • A summer project, completed during the summer semester immediately following graduation, may count towards the MS degree if the student is able to obtain the supervision and approval of a faculty/departmental advisor. This project may not be used to fulfill the requirements of the undergraduate degree.


Competitive candidates will have all of their core requirements, engineering course prerequisites, and all (or nearly all) of their major requirements completed by their senior year, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

Application for Admission

Interested applicants should consult with their advising deans. The regular application deadline is February 15, and May 1 is the final application deadline (visit the program website for updated deadlines and application requirements). Students must complete the following application and have the following documentation:

  • Official transcripts (CU students do not have to send their transcripts)
  • Personal statement
  • Resume or CV
  • Contact information for three references
  • No application fee required

Contact Information

For more information about the SEAS MS Express Program, please contact the GS graduate school advisor. Additional information may be also be found on the Graduate Engineering website.