University Writing (GS1010) is required of all GS students in their first year as it facilitates students' entry into the intellectual life of Columbia by helping them become more capable and independent academic readers and writers. With its small section size and emphasis on the writing process, revision, critical analysis, collaboration, and research, the course provides an occasion for students to develop academic habits and skills important to their success in future courses. Students learn how to formulate arguments, support them with evidence, and set them down in clear and persuasive prose.  

In planning their first semesters of study at Columbia, each GS student should start by choosing a section of University Writing that fits their schedule. Themed sections are designated by the unique section numbers outlined below.

American Language Program (ALP) students must score a 10 on the ALP Essay Exam or earn a score of B- or higher in Advanced Academic Writing for International Students (ALP 9) prior to registering for University Writing.

Courses of Instruction (may vary by semester)