Double Counting of Courses

Double-counting is not permitted between a student's degree core, and concentration or specialization. Double-counting is allowed between concentrations and specializations at the discretion of the concentration or specialization faculty director. 

Concentration/Specialization Double counting with MIA/MPA core** Double counting between concentration and specialization
Economic and Political Development No Allow up to two courses to be double-counted for an EPD focus area (not core) and for a specialization, except that no more than one EPD focus area course can have a regional or country focus
Energy and Environment No Yes
Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy No Yes
International Finance and Economic Policy Yes, may double count INAF U6022 if a student has also taken SIPA U6200 Yes
International Security Policy No Yes, up to two courses
Urban and Social Policy No Yes, up to 6-points
Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis No Yes
Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis No Yes
Gender and Public Policy No Yes
International Conflict Resolution No Yes, up to two courses
International Organization and UN Studies No Yes
Management No Yes, up to two courses
Technology, Media, and Communications No Yes, up to two courses

**The exception to this policy is courses that fulfill the Interstate Relations requirement in the Masters of International Affairs (MIA) degree may also be counted for concentration or specialization credit.