Climate, Energy, and Environment (CEE)

Climate, Energy, and Environment Curriculum

SIPA's Climate, Energy, and Environment Concentration provides students with robust industry knowledge

CE&E students have access to over 90 advanced electives. The curriculum provides students with:

  • Advanced knowledge of global energy and environmental issues and how governments, businesses, and civil society can lead effective action 
  • A holistic understanding of how science, technology, policy, finance, and society shape energy, natural resources, and environmental risks and opportunities 
  • Quantitative and qualitative tools to analyze and model energy and environment-related issues
  • Practical skills to become effective leaders in energy, natural resources, and environment in both the public and private sector 
  • Multicultural interaction, teamwork, and collaboration within an international context 
  • Experience working with clients to formulate energy and environmental policy and management decisions through applied projects, internships, and workshops 

Contact Us

Doug Almond, Professor of International and Public Affairs
Concentration Co-Director

David Sandalow, Senior Research Scholar at SIPA's Center on Global Energy Policy 
Concentration Co-Director

Andrew Donini
Concentration Manager
IAB room 804