Eligibility for Athletics

A GS student in good standing pursuing the undergraduate program or a combined program toward a first degree may be eligible for intercollegiate athletics.

Eligibility requires that a student be a candidate for a bachelor's degree and have attended the University for no more than eight terms. The student must also be registered for at least 12 points, be in good standing with the School, and make appropriate progress toward the degree as defined by the NCAA, the Ivy League, and Columbia University.

These criteria are monitored by the Committee on Athletic Eligibility and certified by the Office of the Registrar. Furthermore, students must comply with any NCAA or Ivy League requirements that may apply.

Questions about eligibility should be referred to the appropriate academic advisor or the compliance office in the Department of Physical Education and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Academic Credit for Athletics Participation

Students are eligible to earn 1 point of credit in Physical Education for participation in intercollegiate athletics. Please note: students who opt to earn this credit will be charged standard tuition and fees.