Summer Enrollment

Preparatory Courses

Postbac Premed students may take preparatory courses in the summer to prepare for required courses in chemistry, physics, or calculus that are offered in fall or spring. These preparatory courses are CHEM S0001 (Preparation for College Chemistry), PHYS S0065 (Basic Physics), and MATH S1003 (College Algebra & Analytic Geometry). The courses are typically offered in a 6-week format. Some preparatory coursework is also offered in fall and spring semesters.

Required Courses

Postbac Premed students may take required courses during the summer. Some required courses are offered in the summer session in both 12-week and 6-week formats. Students may take required lab courses in either the 12-week or the 6-week format, but students are generally advised to take required lecture courses in the 12-week format only. The reason for this recommendation is that taking required lecture courses (as opposed to preparatory courses or lab courses) in the 6-week format is extremely demanding for even the most well-prepared students. For most premedical students, required lecture courses offered in the 12-week format are more appropriate. Premedical students must have the approval of their advisor if they wish to enroll in a required lecture course in the 6-week format.

Although course offerings vary from year to year, courses typically offered in the 12-week summer format are PHYS 1202 (General Physics II), CHEM 1404 (General Chemistry II), PHYS 1292 (Physics II lab), and CHEM 1500/1501 (General Chemistry lab and lab-lecture). 

Registration for Summer Courses

Summer courses are administered by the Columbia University School of Professional Studies. Postbac Premed students are expected to confer with their advisors about their summer academic plans.