Summer Enrollment

Preparatory Courses

Some Postbac Premed students may need to begin their studies in the summer to prepare for fall courses in mathematics, chemistry, and/or physics. Some preparatory coursework is also offered throughout the academic year.

With very few exceptions, the only summer session courses admitted students will be allowed to take are Preparation for College Chemistry, Basic Physics, English, Psychology, or a mathematics course. Please see the grading policy for Preparation for College Chemistry, Basic Physics, Basic Math, and College Algebra & Analytic Geometry.

Required Courses

Medical schools generally prefer that coursework be completed during the regular terms of enrollment; the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program does not permit students to enroll in science classes in the summer, except to take preparatory courses, math, laboratory courses, and the twelve-week Physics II and General Chemistry II courses. The reason for this restriction is a concern that the compressed schedule of summer classes is a less effective way to learn and leaves students ill-prepared for subsequent courses and for the MCAT.

Registration for Summer Courses

Summer courses are administered by the Columbia University School of Professional Studies. For courses offered during the summer semester that fulfill requirements of the Postbac Premed Program, please visit the Premed section of the SPS website. Please note that courses offered in a six-week format do not fulfill the Postbac Premed Program requirements (with the exception of lab, math, and English courses).