SIPA Registration

Course registration occurs via Vergil, the University’s student portal. Students are assigned individual registration times during which they can access the system. Across the University and registration, assignment times are staggered. At SIPA, initial registration times are assigned based on a student’s semester of residency. Generally, students closest to graduation are provided with earlier registration times.

You can review your registration appointment times in Vergil. A student’s number of semesters in residency at SIPA determines appointment times on the first day of registration. Please see the time allocations below. Note: Registration appointment times are randomly assigned after the first day.

Registration in select courses is restricted by concentration/specialization during the initial part of the registration cycle. Registration restrictions are noted in the course description in the SIPA courses guide. These course restrictions will be removed on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. However, students must still meet any listed pre-requisites to register for a course.

Continuing Student registration times (Based on semesters completed)
3+ semesters: 9:30 AM registration appointment
2 semesters: 1:00 PM registration appointment
1 semester: 9:30 AM registration appointment (the subsequent business day)

Posted below are registration-specific dates that you should bear in mind. 

Spring 2024 Important Registration Dates

November 28 - January 10 Registration Open to Continuing SIPA Students
December 5 ***Removal of Course Registration Restrictions Based on Concentration/Specialization
January 11 Registration Open to New Students Only
January 12-26 SIPA course registration available to all SIPA students
January 16 First Day of Classes
January 26 Deadline to add/drop full-semester SIPA courses. Last day of registration.*
February 20 Deadline to withdraw from full-semester SIPA courses*
March 21 Deadline to change course grading option to pass/fail or letter grade. **
April 29 Last Day of Classes
May 3-10 Final Exams

*The add/drop and withdrawal deadlines noted above do not apply to short courses. For non-SIPA courses, please refer to the respective school’s academic calendar for deadlines.
Note: Short courses can be registered anytime before the first session. Short courses must be dropped before the second session. If dropped after this, students will incur a “W.”
**Law school courses must be taken for a letter grade.
***Some course restrictions may remain after this date. If so the date of restriction removal for the individual course will be noted in the course description on the SIPA Course Search

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