SIPA Exams

Final examinations are given at the end of each term. The Projected University Examination Schedule provides a tentative guide to final examinations and is available online.

The definitive schedule of final examinations is available by November 1 for the fall term and by April 1 for the spring term. Exams are scheduled according to a University-wide Final Exam Schedule available shortly after midterms. Prior to its availability, students, and faculty should consult the Projected Exam Schedule. Students may access their individual exam schedules in SSOL by clicking on "Schedule," then "My Exam Schedule."

Students who have trouble locating a class on either list should contact the instructor to ensure the class has an exam.

Summer 2023 Final Exam Scheduling

EMPAU6035_001Open Economy Macroeconomic AnalysisFrancisco Rivera-BatizWed, Aug 2 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 404
EMPAU6223_001Political Environment of PolicymakingJe Heon 'James' KimMon, July 31 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 404
EMPAU6237_001Global Context of PolicymakingNaomi WeinbergerTue, Aug 1 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 407
EMPAU6455_001Social Enterprise in Community and Economic DevelopmentBrian GurskiThu, Aug 3 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 407
EMPAU6600_001Economic Setting of Public PolicyTimothy GoodspeedTue, Aug 1 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 404
EMPAU6700_001Capital MarketsAnn RutledgeThu, Aug 3 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 404
EMPAU9225_001Public Management InnovationWilliam EimickeWed, Aug 2 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 413
EMPAU9500_001Portfolio Presentation WorkshopArvid LukauskasFri, Aug 4 6:30PM-9:30PMIAB 402B
ENVPU6112_001Urban EcologyMatthew PalmerMon, Aug 14 9:00AM-5:00PMIAB 413
ENVPU6115_001ClimatologyMichela BiasuttiFri, July 7 9:00AM-12:00PMIAB 413
ENVPU6116_001HydrologyBeizhan YanThu, Aug 17 9:00AM-12:00PMIAB 410
ENVPU6220_001Environmental ChemistrySteven ChillrudThu, July 6 9:00AM-12:30PMIAB 411
ENVPU6221_001Risk Assessment & ToxicologyMichael MussoFri, Aug 18 9:00AM-12:00PMIAB 410
ENVPU6246_001Analytics in Environmental Science PolicyFabien CottierWed, Aug 16 2:10PM-4:30PMIAB 404
PEPMU6101_001Microeconomics IMuhammad AsaliFri, Aug 18 9:00AM-10:50AMIAB 411
PEPMU6104_001Macroeconomics IPablo OttonelloWed, Aug 2 9:00AM-10:50AMIAB 410
PEPMU6110_001Mathematics for EconomistsEmanuele GerratanaMon, July 3 11:00AM-12:50PMIAB 411
PEPMU6610_001Quantitative Methods for Economic Policy ManagersEmanuele GerratanaFri, June 2 11:00AM-12:50PMIAB 405
PEPMU6620_001Introductory StatisticsDoru CojocWed, July 5 2:10PM-4:00PMIAB 405

Fall 2023 Final Exam Scheduling

Spring 2024 Final Exam Scheduling