International Travel Policies and Resources

SIPA students traveling abroad for research, study, summer internships, or other university business are required to be in compliance with Columbia University International Travel Planning and Policy (CU ITPP). You must be in compliance with CU ITPP to receive international travel grants or stipends and to get academic credit for courses and programs that have international travel as an integral component, and you must be in compliance if you are leading or participating in any recognized student group travel.

This policy is outlined here:

These policies impact students, Officers of Administration, support staff, faculty, and other Columbia employees traveling internationally with students or organizing international student travel. Click here for more information.

RESOURCES: A wide range of supports are available to travelers including:

All students who applied for SIPA Travel Grants and stipends should note that in order to qualify for disbursement, they need to have their travel registered, reviewed, and approved (if necessary). No stipends will be disbursed until students are compliant with all Columbia University travel policies.

For any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Dean Brown directly at

More information regarding Columbia University International Travel Planning and Policy (CU ITPP) and related resources are available here.