Transfers Within Columbia

No student enrolled at the School of General Studies may submit an application as a new student to Columbia College or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science while still enrolled in, on leave from, or suspended from the University.

Transferring from GS to another Columbia or Affiliated Undergraduate School

Undergraduates enrolled in the School of General Studies, including Joint Program students, who are interested in transferring to another Columbia or affiliated undergraduate school (Columbia College [CC], the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science [SEAS], Barnard College, or List College of the Jewish Theological Seminary [JTS]) should not submit a transfer application to any of those schools without prior consultation with their respective GS advisors.

Transfer applications from GS to Columbia College, SEAS, or the Joint Program with List College will not be considered by those schools without a written endorsement from the GS Dean of Students. Endorsements are limited to those students in good standing who have sound academic reasons for seeking to transfer from GS. 

Students should speak with their academic advisor before contacting the GS Dean of Students to ensure their request will be considered. Joint Program students who are considering submitting a transfer application to one of the Columbia undergraduate schools, including GS, should also discuss the matter with their respective GS and JTS advisors; transfer to GS is not automatic for Joint Program students and requires a new application to GS through the Office of Admissions. Both programs must agree and submit an endorsement to allow the student to complete this transfer.

Transferring from CC/SEAS to GS

SEAS and Columbia College students considering a transfer to the School of General Studies should seek advice from their Class Deans. Students currently enrolled within CC or SEAS, or students who have been away from CC or SEAS for fewer than three years, must have the support of their academic deans before applying for admission to the School of General Studies; transfer applications to GS from CC or SEAS students will not be accepted without the written endorsement of the relevant school dean. The appropriate academic deans from CC or SEAS should consult with the GS Dean of Admissions on cases where the student is returning after a break of fewer than three years. In cases where the student has been away from CC or SEAS for more than three years, express support from the CC/SEAS academic dean is not required, but may be helpful in the admission process. In all cases, applicants to the School of General Studies must have a break of at least one academic year or have compelling personal or professional reasons for part-time attendance to be eligible to apply for admission.

Applying to Other Undergraduate Schools of Columbia University

Applicants may not simultaneously apply to the School of General Studies and to the other undergraduate divisions of Columbia University (Columbia College [CC] or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science [SEAS]). Candidates are also ineligible to apply to the School of General Studies if in the last three years they applied to either of these divisions and were not accepted.

Transferring within GS

Postbacs interested in transferring into the Second Bachelor's Degree Program at the School of General Studies should discuss the pros and cons of doing so with their Postbac Program advisor.