For a listing of the trustees, please see the list below. Lists of the faculty and administration can be found on the left navigation panel. To search for an individual, use the Barnard directory.

Trustees of Barnard College 2020-2021


Cheryl Glicker Milstein '82 P'14

Vice Chairs

Ina R. Drew P'13
Diana T. Vagelos '55


Sian Leah Beilock, ex officio
Lee C. Bollinger, ex officio
Laura Blankfein '75
Gregor Freund P'20
Nancy A. Garvey '71
Karen Goldberg '83 P'22
William Helman P'14
Ruth Horowitz '83
Karlie Kloss
Jyoti Menon '01
Sherif Nadar P'21, '23
David "Doc" O'Connor P'22
Lida A. Orzeck '68
Daphne Fodor Philipson '69

Trustees Emeriti

Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald '81, Chair Emerita
John L. Furth
Patricia F. Green '62
Helene L. Kaplan '53, Chair Emerita
Eugene R. McGrath
Patricia Nadosy '68
Anna Quindlen '74, Chair Emerita
Mary Louise Reid '46
Gayle F. Robinson '75
Frances L. Sadler '75

Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Virginia Ryan '83

Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Najam Haider, Professor of Religion
Nara Milanich, Professor of History

Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Mo Russell Leed '22
Chelsea Sinclair '21