Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management Concentration

The Earth is experiencing unprecedented human-induced environmental changes. Elevated levels of greenhouse gases are warming the planet, species are becoming extinct at an accelerating rate, renewable resources like water are being degraded, and the extraction of finite resources such as fossil fuels is causing widespread harm to fragile, interconnected natural systems. To address these challenges and ensure the survival of our planet, it is crucial to understand these impacts and develop sustainable, real-world solutions for managing human interaction with natural systems.

The Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management concentration for EMPA, integrated with the rigorous Executive MPA core curriculum, aims to foster a new generation of professionals adept at managing Earth's systems to ensure the long-term viability of life. This concentration emphasizes integrated thinking and holistic planning, moving beyond linear and fragmented approaches to address environmental sustainability comprehensively. Our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to see the big picture and create sustainable strategies for managing natural resources and mitigating environmental impacts.