Master of International Affairs (MIA)

Master of International Affairs (MIA) Curriculum

The Master of International Affairs (MIA) is a distinguished program designed to equip students with comprehensive skills and knowledge to address global challenges. The curriculum is highly customizable, offering a core program with a wide range of international politics and political economy courses. Students can specialize in one of several concentrations (majors).

MIA students benefit from SIPA’s renowned expertise in global issues, supported by Columbia University’s extensive academic resources. The program emphasizes practical experience, integrating experiential learning opportunities such as capstone workshops and fieldwork with organizations worldwide. Additionally, the MIA includes selected STEM-designated pathways, providing students with an edge in technical and analytical skills for addressing complex international problems.

Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a modern language other than English, preparing them to work effectively in diverse international environments. The program also features special international immersion courses, offering students hands-on experience in real-world settings​.

For additional information on the Master of International Affairs program, including information for prospective students and admissions, please refer back to the MIA program page.