International Economic Policy Concentration

The International Economic Policy concentration for EMPA equips students with the essential knowledge, analytical skills, and problem-solving capabilities necessary for a successful career in international economics. This concentration offers a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations and policy-relevant insights required to make impactful contributions in key areas such as international trade, economic development, international finance and monetary policy, and capital markets.

Integrated with the Executive MPA core curriculum, this concentration emphasizes both theoretical and practical learning, preparing students to navigate and influence the global economic landscape. Graduates will be well-versed in the complexities of global economic systems and equipped to develop and implement effective policies in diverse international contexts.

Required Courses

Students must select four (4) courses, for a total of 12 points, from the following list:

EMPA U6017International Trade and Development3.00
EMPA U6018International Finance & Monetary Policy3.00
EMPA U6230Political Economy Seminar3.00
EMPA U6233International Political Economy3.00
EMPA U6600Economic Setting of Public Policy3.00
EMPA U6700Capital Markets3.00
OtherRequires Concentration Director Approval

Degree Audit Report

Matriculated students in this program can view their degree audit report on Stellic.