MIA & MPA Concentration Curricula

In addition to fulfilling all core requirements, MIA and MPA students must also satisfy the requirements of both a policy concentration and a specialization.  All students in the two-year MIA/MPA program must declare a concentration and specialization. Students can declare/change their concentration and specialization by submitting the MIA/MPA concentration/specialization change/declaration form.

Students choose one of the following six concentrations: Economic and Political Development; Energy and Environment; Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy; International Finance and Economic Policy (includes focus areas in finance, economic policy, and central banking); International Security Policy; or Urban and Social Policy.

Students can choose a specialization in regional expertise (nine different regions/countries) or one of the following: Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis; Gender and Public Policy; International Conflict Resolution; International Organization and UN Studies; Leadership, Innovation, & Design; or Technology, Media, and Communications. Regional specializations are offered in the following areas: Africa, East Asia, East-Central Europe, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, Russia, South Asia, and the United States.

Students might, for example, combine a policy concentration in International Finance and Economic Policy with a regional specialization in East Asia or a concentration in Human Rights with a specialization in Technology, Media, and Communications. It is possible to meet the requirements for the concentration and specialization by double-counting courses to fulfill requirements; for example, an economics course in Latin America could be counted toward a policy concentration in Economic and Political Development and a regional specialization in Latin America.