MIA & MPA Concentration Curricula

In addition to fulfilling all core requirements, MIA and MPA students must also satisfy the requirements of both a policy concentration and a specialization.  All students in the two year MIA/MPA program are required to declare a concentration and specialization. Students can declare/change their concentration and specialization by submitting the MIA/MPA concentration/specialization change/declaration form.

Students choose one of the following six concentrations: Economic and Political Development, Energy and Environment (includes focus areas in energy and environment), Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy, International Finance and Economic Policy (includes focus areas in finance, economic policy, and central banking), International Security Policy, or Urban and Social Policy.

Students can choose a specialization in regional expertise (nine different regions/countries) or one of the following: Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis; Gender and Public Policy; International Conflict Resolution; International Organization and UN Studies; Management; or Technology, Media, and Communications. Regional specializations are offered in the following areas: Africa, East Asia, East Central Europe, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, Russia, South Asia, and the United States.

Students might, for example, combine a policy concentration in International Finance and Economic Policy with a regional specialization on East Asia, or a concentration in Human Rights with a specialization in Technology, Media, and Communications. It is possible to meet the requirements for the concentration and specialization by double-counting courses to fulfill requirements; for example, an economics course on Latin America could be counted toward a policy concentration in Economic and Political Development and a regional specialization in Latin America.