SIPA Instructor Managed Course Registration

Instructor Managed Registration Courses

Certain SIPA courses require approval by the instructor before a student is permitted to register. These Instructor-Managed Courses are listed in SIPA Course Directory and the Directory of Classes as “Instructor Approval Required.”

Instructor-managed courses are blocked from online registration. Students interested in any of these courses are required to use the waitlist process. Please see below:

Step 1. Join the course waitlist in Student Services Online (SSOL) and submit an application for Instructor Managed Course Registration via 

Step 2. Instructors will review and approve students from the waitlist in SSOL. 

Step 3. Students who apply will be notified of the instructor's decision via e-mail. If a student is selected for the course they will be automatically registered for the course.

Please contact instructors directly for any questions regarding registrations in the courses below.

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