Interstate Relations

Courses that fulfill the “Interstate Relations” requirement focus on relations between and among states (including diplomatic, military and other interactions between and among governments), international politics and policy, and international institutions.  The conceptual and analytical framework for these courses is typically from the political science subfield of international relations. 

The following courses satisfy the Interstate Relations requirements for the Master's of International Affairs program:

INAF U4545Contemporary Diplomacy3
INAF U6021European Banking Post Crisis3
INAF U6041Corporations and Human Rights3
INAF U6061Global Energy Policy3
INAF U6127BRICS Beyond - How Rising Powers Are Reshaping the World3
INAF U6139International Organizations3
INAF U6164Political Economy of Development3
INAF U6190Complex Emergencies: Root Causes to Rebuilding3
INAF U6243International Environmental Policy3
INAF U6346US Role in World Affairs I3
INAF U6347US Role In World Affairs II3
INAF U6352United Nations and Globalization3
INAF U6355Globalization3
INAF U6359Global Economic Governance3
INAF U6362Global Collective Action3
INAF U6429Energy Industry in the BRICS3
INAF U6430East Asian Security3
INAF U6440Peace Operations in Fragile States3
INAF U6445Talking with the Enemy3
INAF U6485Law Politics of Conflict Management and Intervention3
INAF U6575The New (and Old) Foreign Policy Challenges in the Americas in the XXI Century3
INAF U6680Geopolitics of Oil Natural Gas3
INAF U6751International Human Rights Law3
INAF U6798Central Issues in American Foreign Policy3
INAF U6802International Law3
INAF U6820Theory of International Political Economy3
INAF U6871War, Peace Strategy3
INAF U8099Emerging Market Investment Climate3
INAF U8136US Foreign Policy-Persian Gulf3
INAF U8142Intelligence Foreign Policy3
INAF U8822Global Political Thought3
INAF U8415US-Latin American Relations: WWII to Present3
INAF U8507The Security Council and Peacekeeping in Africa in the 21st Century3
INAF U8537Climate Change Policy3
INAF U8560Managing The UN System3
INAF U8564Culture and Foreign Policy: China, India3
INAF U8565European Security3
INAF U8621US-China Negotiation Workshop3
INAF U8675Emerging Capital Markets: Theory Practice3
INAF U8818Topics in International Ethics3
PUAF U6123Immigration Politics and Policy3
REGN U6415Financial Issues in Latin America3
REGN U6648China-India: A Bilateral Relationship of Consequence3
REGN U8090The Transatlantic Economy3
REGN U8757Ukrainian Foreign Policy3

Non-SIPA courses that fulfill the Interstate Relations requirement 

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HIST G8675Cold War in Latin America
LAW L6040International Environmental Law
LAW L6249European Union Law & Institutions
LAW L6269International Law
LAW L6382International Finance: Law, Money & Banking in the Global Economy
LAW L6383International Bankruptcy
LAW L6410Constitution and Foreign Affairs
LAW L6546Global Constitutionalism
LAW L8031Foreign Direct Investment and Public Policy
LAW L8133International Investment Law & Administration
LAW L8221Issues on Global Regulatory Reform
LAW L8861Constitutional Law of the UN
LAW L9060Immigration Law and Policy
LAW L9377Enforcing International Law
LAW L9462Law in Emerging Markets: Russia & the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
LAW L9103Legal Aspects of US Foreign Economic Policy
POLS G4626
POLS G4845
POLS G6801
POLS G8804
POLS G8826Political Economy of Trade and Investment
POLS G8865United States Foreign Policy
POLS G8867International Cooperation and Institutions
POLS W4871
POLS W4895
SOCI G6320Immigration, Cities, States: Deciphering the Global