IFEP: International Finance Focus Area

Core Courses

1. Students must complete the following three courses (9 points):
INAF U6018International Finance & Monetary Theory3
INAF U6045International Capital Markets3
INAF U6022Economics of Finance *3
or INAF U6301 Corporate Finance
Total Points9
2. Students must also select one of the following courses in International Finance Emerging Markets (3 points):
INAF U6127BRICS & Beyond - How Rising Powers Are Reshaping the World3
INAF U6636Banking and Capital Markets in Brazil: A Comparative Examination3
INAF U8099Emerging Market Investment Climate3
INAF U8675Emerging Capital Markets: Theory & Practice3
INAF U8678Strategies for Investing in Emerging Markets3
INAF U8682Emerging Financial Markets3
INAF U8685Asian Financial Markets3
INAF U8686Japanese Economy: Markets and Economy Policy3
REGN U6415Financial Issues in Latin America3
REGN U6629Chinese Financial Markets3
3. Students must also select one of the following Finance Track Elective Courses (3 points):
INAF U6021European Banking Post Crisis3
INAF U6039International Banking3
INAF U6090Public and Tax Policy: Economics and Law Perspectives3
INAF U6095Theory and Principles of Financial Regulation3
INAF U6098Financial Risk Management and Public Policy3
INAF U6571Sovereign Risk3
INAF U6636Banking and Capital Markets in Brazil: A Comparative Examination3
INAF U6862Unconventional Monetary Policy3
INAF U8085Topics in Corporate Finance3
INAF U8095Corporate Governance & Public Policy3
INAF U8099Emerging Market Investment Climate3
INAF U8104Role of the Local Financial Sector in Developing Economies3
PUAF U8244Municipal Finance in the U.S.3
PUAF U8516Time Series Analysis3
REGN U6415Financial Issues in Latin America3
LAW L6382International Finance: Law, Money and Banking in Global Economy2

 Students who take both Economics of Finance (INAF U6022) and Corporate Finance (INAF U6301) may count one of these courses as a Finance Track Elective Course.

All students are encouraged to discuss their proposed schedule with their advisor.

Year 1
Core: Conceptual Foundations (MIA) Politics of Policy Making (MPA)14SIPA U6401 or U640013
SIPA U6400 or U640113INAF U60453
SIPA U65003Concentration Core Course (choose one):3
SIPA U6200 (fulfills Core: Financial Management)3
INAF U6301 (Pre-requisiste SIPA U6200)
SIPA U40400.5 
 Core: Management Course3
 Specialization Course 1 3
 13.5 15
Year 2
INAF U6018 (Pre-requisite SIPA U6401; Offered Fall & Spring)3Core: Capstone Workshop 3
INAF U6039 (Offered Fall & Spring)3Specialization Course 3 3
Concentration Core Course:3Concentration Core Course (choose if you did not take one from fall list):3
Specialization Course 2 3Internship Registration (Optional) 1.5, 3
Elective 3Elective 3
 15 13.5-15
Total Points: 57-58.5

 Courses must be taken in the semester listed.

Year 1

Foreign Language - For MIA students and EPD concentrators who need to take language courses to fulfill the degree/concentration requirement, your schedule may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Year 2

Core- MIA students are required to take one Interstate Relations course.