New Courses @ SIPA 2016-17

Fall 2016
INAF U6006Computing in Context3
INAF U6073Introduction to Energy and Human Development3
INAF U6116Infrastructure Cost Benefit Analysis3
INAF U6169U.S. Diplomacy in Africa1.5
INAF U6174Forced Migration: Concepts and Policy3
INAF U6176Multidisciplinary Approaches to Development3
INAF U6198Technology for International Crisis Response and Good Governance 1.5
INAF U6238Environmental Finance: Scaling Up Clean Energy1.5
INAF U6261Making Climate Policy in the US 1.5
INAF U6381Gender Armed Conflict: Contemporary Theory and Practice for Advocates 3
INAF U6563Containing Conflict: A Comparative Historical Perspective3
INAF U6571Sovereign Risk3
INAF U6924The Panama Papers3
INAF U8346State Owned Enterprises in China3
INAF U8876Nuclear Proliferation Concepts for Non-Scientists1
PEPM U6310Corporate Finance For Emerging Markets3
PUAF U6228Comparative Social Welfare Policy3
PUAF U6251Urban Economics3
PUAF U8354Crime, Justice and Public Policy1.5
REGN U4415Puerto Rico Under U.S. Rule (1898-2016)3
REGN U4845Chinese Economy3
REGN U6628The United States and the Wars for Vietnam: the New Local, International, and Transnational History3
REGN U6629Chinese Financial Markets3
REGN U6652Central Asian Politics and Security3
SIPA U6007Strategic Management for Public Service Organizations3
SIPA U6014Strategic, Organizational Entrepreneurial Management3
Spring 2017
INAF U6074Current Issues in Energy Policy1.5
INAF U6092Leadership and Policy Development1
INAF U6141Humanitarian Response Simulation1
INAF U6262Climate Adaptation Resilience Finance1.5
INAF U6517Tech, Policy, and Culture in the Developing World: Living on the Edge3
INAF U6621Public Policy Challenges in Brazil and Latin America3
INAF U8195Behavioral Development Economics3
PEPM U8250Financial Development in Emerging Economies3
PEPM U8310Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability Monitoring 1.5
PEPM U8312Macroprudential Policies and Regulation in Emerging Markets1.5
PUAF U6212Digital Media Management1.5
PUAF U6226History for Future Policymakers3
PUAF U6246Practicum in Urban Public Policy1.5
PUAF U6302U.S. State Politics and Policy: The Promises and Pitfalls of American Federalism3
REGN U4850East Asian Financial Institutions and Economic Growth3
REGN U6310Diplomacy in Practice: the EU the World 1.5
REGN U6648China-India: A Bilateral Relationship of Consequence3
REGN U6845The Chinese Economy3
SDEV U9262Demographic Economics Development3

NOTE: Course information changes frequently. Please re-visit these pages periodically for the most recent and up-to-date information.