New Courses @ SIPA 2017-18

Spring 2018 courses will continue to be added through the fall semester

Fall 2017
EMPA U6050Theory & Practice of Change Management: Culture, Leaders, and Tools3
EMPA U6610Transforming the Urban Economy3
INAF U6083Peak Oil Demand: Transition to Low-Carbon Energy3
INAF U6098Financial Risk Management and Public Policy3
INAF U6231Climate Change: Israel and the Middle East3
INAF U6518Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law3
INAF U6519Data-Driven Government and Evidence-Based Policymaking3
INAF U6649Security Issues in South Asia3
INAF U6680Geopolitics of Oil & Natural Gas3
INAF U8258State Formation, Deformation and Failure3
INAF U8370Promoting Decent Work and Labor Rights in a Globalized Economy3
PUAF U6219Cities Take the Lead: When Local Officials Fill the Federal Policy Void3
PUAF U8356Crime, Journalism, and Public Policy1.5
PUAF U8358American Politics, Citizen Engagement, and Policy1.5
PUAF U8516Time Series Analysis3
REGN U6522Writing on Eurasia1.5
REGN U6523UN Communications in a Changing World Order1.5
REGN U6547The Great Powers & the Balkans After the Fall of Yugoslavia1.5
REGN U6624Criminal Justice and Police Organizations in Brazil and Latin American Countries3
REGN U6652Central Asian Politics and Security3
Spring 2018
INAF U6131Impact Investing: Essential Skills1.5
INAF U6363On Gender & Violence: Understanding the Female Fighter1
INAF U6603Data Analysis for Policy Research and Program Evaluation1.5
INAF U6762Risk Management for UN Crisis & Conflict Responses3
INAF U6892Monitoring and Evaluation: Driving Evidence-Based Development and Humanitarian Aid3
PUAF U6301Labor in America: Power, Politics, and Policy in the Workplace3
REGN U6150Comparative Politics and Governance of the Environment3
SIPA U6009Public Management3

NOTE: Course information changes frequently. Please re-visit these pages periodically for the most recent and up-to-date information.