New Courses @ SIPA 2018-19

Fall 2018
EMPA U6428Digital Media and the Public Interest1.5
INAF U6084Energy and National Security3
INAF U6114Working with the Private Sector for Development Outcomes3
INAF U6121Advanced Multimedia Storytelling Workshop1.5
INAF U6128Impact Investing and Financial Innovation1.5
INAF U6129The Art of Creating Social Impact Campaigns3
INAF U6137Social Value Investing: a Framework for Cross Sector Partnerships3
INAF U6327Carbon Pricing3
INAF U6335Intelligence and War3
INAF U6344Military Technology Assessment3
INAF U6349US Policymaking on Peace Operations, Conflict, Prevention, & Protection of Civilians3
INAF U6351Politics & Negotiations in the United Nations General Assembly1.5
INAF U6494Managing People in the Humanitarian Enterprise3
INAF U6507Design Thinking for Better Urban Governance 1.5
INAF U6509Basics of Cybersecurity1.5
INAF U6611Introduction to Advanced Microeconomics3
INAF U6652India's China Relationship, From Coexistence, to Contest, to Competition1.5
INAF U6771Economic Inequality and its Policy Implications3
INAF U8340Digital Economy and Development: an Asian Perspective1.5
INAF U8812Seminar on International Strategy3
INAF U6816Competition Law and Economics3
PUAF U6100Politics of Policymaking: Issues in Comparative Politics4
REGN U6534System Corruption in Post-Soviet Nations3
REGN U6652Central Asian Politics and Security3
SDEV U9450Graduate Research Seminar in Sustainable Development1.5
SIPA U4020Data Visualization Workshop0
Spring 2019
New course information coming soon
INAF U6394Writing About War: Seeking Narratives in Conflict3
INAF U6425The EU’s Energy Transition1.5
SIPA U6015Sustainability Management3

NOTE: Course information changes frequently. Please re-visit these pages periodically for the most recent and up-to-date information.