Study Away From Columbia

After matriculating at General Studies, permission to take courses toward the GS degree at an accredited U.S. institution of higher education other than Columbia is granted by special petition only in exceptional cases when critical areas of study relevant to a student's undergraduate program are not available at Columbia. Such exceptional accommodations are usually granted only once during a student's degree program at GS. Students petitioning for this exception must be in good standing at Columbia. Credits from non-Columbia programs will be counted toward the GS degree as long as the maximum number of allowable transfer credits does not exceed 60.

Petitioning to Take Courses Away from Columbia

With the exception of approved study abroad programs, GS rarely approves petitions for students to have credits from another academic institution count toward the GS degree after a student has matriculated at GS. Students who believe they have exceptional reasons to submit such a petition should meet with their respective GS advisors. Petitions to take courses away from Columbia must be made in advance of the study away program; credit will not be granted retroactively. As part of the formal petition process, students will also be required to provide departmental approval from their major departments for any courses taken away from Columbia that they wish to count towards their major requirements.

Students may not enroll concurrently at another academic institution unless such dual enrollment has been authorized by the GS Dean of Students Office; such work will not count toward the GS degree unless approved in advance.