IFEP: Central Banking Focus Area

The Central Banking focus area provides the building blocks for state-of-the-art central bank intervention by studying the goals, tools, and governance structure for conventional and unconventional monetary policy and financial regulation.

Core Courses

1. Students must complete the following courses (12 points):
INAF U6018International Finance & Monetary Theory3
INAF U6045International Capital Markets3
INAF U6862Unconventional Monetary Policy3
or PEPM U8310 Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability Monitoring
INAF U6095Theory and Principles of Financial Regulation3
2. Students must also select one of the following Central Banking Elective Courses (3 points):
INAF U6022Economics of Finance
INAF U6039International Banking
INAF U6094Reining in the Big Banks: Supervision and Regulation
INAF U6098Financial Risk Management and Public Policy
INAF U6359Global Economic Governance
INAF U8085Topics in Corporate Finance
INAF U8095Corporate Governance & Public Policy
INAF U8099Emerging Market Investment Climate
INAF U8454Investment Strategies in Developing Countries
INAF U8675Emerging Capital Markets: Theory & Practice
INAF U8682Emerging Financial Markets
INAF U8685Asian Financial Markets
INAF U8686Japanese Economy: Markets and Economy Policy
PUAF U8516Time Series Analysis
REGN U6300The Economics of European Integration
REGN U6415Financial Issues in Latin America
REGN U6629Chinese Financial Markets