SIPA Quantitative Courses

SIPA 2020-21 Quantitative Courses

Course Number Course Title Professor Pre-requisite(s)
Level I
SIPA U6500 Quantitative Analysis for International and Public Affairs Alan Yang & Doru Cojoc None  
Level II
SIPA U6501 Quantitative Analysis II for International and Public Affairs Alan Yang & Harold Stolper SIPA U6500  
Level III
INAF U6506 Data Science & Public Policy Tamar Mitts SIPA U6501  
INAF U6514 Text as Data Tamar Mitts SIPA U6501  
INAF U6600 Quantitative Analysis III: Testing Models of Public Policy Making   Sharyn O'Halloran SIPA U6501  
INAF U6603 Quantitative Analysis III: Data Analysis for Policy Research and Program Evaluation (Not Offered AY21) Harold Stolper SIPA U6501  
INAF U6604 Quantitative Analysis III: Applied Econometrics Doug Almond & Doru Cojoc SIPA U6501  
INAF U6605 Quantitative Analysis III: Impact Evaluation Methods and Applications to Health and Social Policy (Not Offered AY21) Rodrigo Soares SIPA U6501  
INAF U6608 Quantitative Analysis III: Economics of Education Policy (Not Offered AY21) Christian Pop-Eleches SIPA U6501  
INAF U6614 Quantitative Analysis III: Data Analysis for Policy Research Using R Harold Stolper SIPA U6501  
INAF U6616 Quantitative Analysis III: Empirical Analysis of Energy Markets Ignacia Mercadal SIPA U6501  
SIPA U8500 Quantitative Analysis III: Program Evaluation and Policy Research Alan Yang SIPA U6501  
Level IV
INAF U8305 Conducting Empirical Research in Economics Jeffrey Shrader Any Quant III Course