Management Curriculum

The Management Specialization offers SIPA students the opportunity to develop strong managerial and leadership skills applicable to virtually any public policy arena. The objective of this specialization is to prepare students to be the next generation of leaders of major international, national, state, or local public and nonprofit institutions.

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Sarah Holloway, Lecturer in Discipline of International and Public Affairs; Director of the Management Specialization

Ana Maria Aristizabal, Lecturer in International and Public Affairs (part-time)

Dorian BenkoilLecturer in International and Public Affairs (part-time)

Robert Boccio, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Andrew Ditton, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

John Eley, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Seth Freeman, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Natasha Goldstein, Lecturer in International and Public Affairs (part-time)

Hilary Gosher, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Karine Jean-Pierre, Lecturer in International and Public Affairs (part-time)

Ronaldo Lemos, Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs

Christopher J. Loso, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Sameer MaskeyAdjunct Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs

Valerio Melandri, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Julie Poncelet, Lecturer in International and Public Affairs (part-time)

Thomas Quaranta, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Lucius Riccio, Lecturer in the Discipline of International and Public Affairs

Harry Silver, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Richard SteeleAdjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Jan Svejnar, James T. Shotwell Professor of Global Political Economy

Lynn Thoman, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Richard ThomanAdjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Eva Weissman, Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

The Management Specialization requires 9 points, consisting of 3 three-point courses. Students may choose any three (3) courses from the lists below, regardless of their category. Courses to fulfill the Core Management and Core Financial Management requirements may not be double-counted towards the Specialization.

Note: There may be Management courses at SIPA or, in particular, other schools not currently listed below. Please speak with Management Specialization Director for approval of these courses.

Leadership, Strategy & Decision Making

SIPA Courses
EMPA U6036Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility3
INAF U6041Corporations and Human Rights3
INAF U6076Energy Management for Public and Private Sector3
INAF U6186Community Economic Development: Origins, Policy and Practice3
INAF U6226Leadership and Innovative Policy Making3
INAF U6370Women & Global Leadership1.5
INAF U6374Mainstreaming Gender in Global Affairs3
INAF U6515Technology and the Future of Governance and Public Policy1.5
INAF U6894Dimensions of Leadership for an Interconnected World: Ready to Lead?3
INAF U8217Tools and Principles for Managing in the Information Economy and the Media3
INAF U8254The Digital Economy: Regulatory Conflicts and Opportunities1.5
INAF U8380Managing the Global Corporation3
INAF U8559Building Peace After Conflict1.5
INAF U8560Managing The UN System3
PUAF U6026Public/Private Sector Collaboration: Achieving Rapid Transformational Change3
PUAF U6032Leading and Sustaining Change: Frameworks, Tools and Skills1.5
PUAF U6212Digital Media Management1.5
PUAF U6801Negotiation & Conflict Resolution3
PUAF U8207Creating and Managing Effective Nonprofits3
PUAF U8248Leadership & Urban Transformation3
PUAF U8510Women and Power1.5
SIPA U6007Strategic Management for Public Service Organizations3
SIPA U6013Strategy, Law and Competitiveness3
Non-SIPA Courses
HPMN P8558Strategic Management3
HPMN P8561Managing Public Health Non-Profits1.5
LAW L6352Deals: Public-Sector Problem Solving3
LAW L8016Public Sector Structural Reform in K-12 Ed3
LAW L9132Nonprofit Institutions.2
SUMA PS5700Ethics and Values for Sustainability Management3

Analysis, Monitoring, & Evaluation

SIPA Courses
ENVP U6224Environmental Data Analysis3
INAF U6016Cost-Benefit Analysis3
INAF U6115Cost Benefit Analysis for Developing Economies3
INAF U6116Infrastructure Cost Benefit Analysis3
INAF U6519Data-Driven Government and Evidence-Based Policymaking3
INAF U6762Risk Management for UN Crisis & Conflict Responses3
INAF U6604Applied Econometrics3
INAF U6898Program Evaluation and Design3
PUAF U6460Benchmarking Skills for Process & Organizational Improvement1.5
SIPA U6501Quantitative Analysis II for International & Public Affairs3
SIPA U8500Quantitative Methods in Program Evaluation and Policy Research3
SIPA U8510Program Evaluation: Principles and Applications3
Non-SIPA Courses
SOSC P8705Evaluation of Health Programs3
POPF P8640Methods for Program Evaluation3

Financial & Resource Management

SIPA Courses
INAF U6040International Energy Project Finance3
INAF U6042Energy Business & Economic Development3
INAF U6058Public Finance & Debt Management3
INAF U6085The Economic Development of Latin America3
INAF U6098Financial Risk Management and Public Policy3
INAF U6135Renewable Energy Markets and Policy3
INAF U6301Corporate Finance3
INAF U6907Principles and Techniques of Fundraising1.5
INAF U8350Finance for the World's Poorest3
INAF U8354Micro & Small Enterprise Development3
PEPM U6310Corporate Finance For Emerging Markets3
PUAF U6251Urban Economics3
PUAF U8244Municipal Finance in the U.S.3
Non-SIPA Courses
BUSI B9777Private Equity and Entrepreneurship in Africa3
FUND K4370Fund-raising Management: Foundations3
FUND K4360Fund-raising Management: Grants3
HPMN P6529Health Care Finance3
HPMN P8533Health Care Finance II3
HPMN P8541Economic Evaluation of Health Care Technology1.5
LAW L6233Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy3
LAW L6205Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation3
ORLA Y4876School Finance: Resource Allocation Non-Profit Organizations3
PLAN A4620Public Financing of Urban Development3
SUMA K4197Financing the Green Economy: Markets, Business, and Politics3
SUMA PS5197Financing the Green Economy3
SUMA K4320Sustainable Investing & Economic Growth3
SUMA PS5175Global Environmental Markets3
SUMA K4195Green Accounting3

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

SIPA Courses
INAF U6004Programming for Entrepreneurs1.5
INAF U6006Computing in Context3
INAF U6053Creating a Social Enterprise3
INAF U6131Impact Investing: Essential Skills1.5
INAF U6132Aiming for Social Impact: Managing, Measuring, and Investing to Achieve Results3
INAF U6138Investment in Social Change3
INAF U6211Technology Solutions for Development & Social Change3
INAF U6516Entrepreneurship for the New (Technology) Economy: Launching & Executing a Tech Business3
INAF U6517Tech, Policy, and Culture in the Developing World: Living on the Edge3
PUAF U6028Public-Private Partnerships to Foster Effective, Sustainable and Scalable Nonprofits1.5
PUAF U6212Digital Media Management1.5
PUAF U8260Generating Financial Support to Grow Social Enterprises1.5
Non-SIPA Courses
MGMT B8519Launching New Ventures3
MGMT B8527Social Venture Incubator1.5

Operations, Human Resources, & Program Management

SIPA Courses
ENVP U6320Political Context of Public/Private Environmental Management3
INAF U6003Coding for Development and Social Change1
INAF U8217Tools and Principles for Managing in the Information Economy and the Media3
INAF U8690Managing Humanitarian Emergencies3
PUAF U4400Campaign Management in the United States3
PUAF U6033Decision Models & Management3
PUAF U6132Politics and Policies of Community Planning and Participation3
PUAF U6217Operations Management3
PUAF U6260Management Training for Development Professionals3
PUAF U8203Project Management3
Non-SIPA Courses
BUSI K4010Managing Human Behavior In the Organization3
HPMN P6530Issues and Approaches in Health Policy and Management3
HPMN P8517Management Challenges in Evolving Health Care & Insurance Systems3
HPMN P8557Managerial and Organizational Behavior3
HPMN P8569Seminar: Studies in Hospital Management3
ORLJ Y4002Functions of Organizations3
ORLJ Y5003Human Resources Management3
ORLD Y5055Staff Development & Training3
ORLD Y5062Human Resources Development in Organizations3
ORLJ Y5148Managing Conflict in Organizations3
ORLJ Y5340Basic Practicum Conflict Resolution3
ORLD Y5362Group Dynamics: A Systems Perspective3
ORLJ Y6040Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution - Institutional Context3
POPF P8614Management of Health Care Organizations3
SUMA PS4100Sustainability Management3