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SUMA PS4145 Science of Sustainable Water. 3 points.

The sustainability of water resources is a critical issue facing society over the coming decades. Water resources are affected by changes not only in climate but also in population, economic growth, technological change, and other socioeconomic factors. In addition, they serve a dual purpose; water resources are critical to both human society and natural ecosystems. The objective of this course is to first provide students with a fundamental understanding of key hydrological processes. Students will then use this understanding to explore various sustainable strategies for integrated water resources management. Numerous case studies will be highlighted throughout the course to illustrate real world, practical challenges faced by water managers. Students will be asked to think critically and to use basic quantitative and management skills to answer questions related to sustainable water development. Considering the importance of water to society the understanding that students obtain from this course will be an essential part of their training in sustainable management.

Spring 2017: SUMA PS4145
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
SUMA 4145 001/16498 W 6:10pm - 8:00pm
415 Schapiro Cepser
Wade McGillis 3 25/40