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SUMA K4380 Financing Natural Infrastructure. 3 points.

"Natural infrastructure"-the use of natural or engineered ecosystems and natural areas to provide services that could be provided through "grey infrastructure"-has received increasing attention as an alternative to traditional engineering solutions to protect water supplies, reduce flood risks, manage stormwater, and provide clean air. In addition, conservation is seen as a means of providing sustainable food supplies in response to increasing demand. While "greening" infrastructure is one aspect of the solution, a critical need is finding new ways to finance the construction and operation of our infrastructure in general. This course will explore the potential for natural infrastructure to address-in place of or in conjunction with grey infrastructure-many of the challenges that we face and the financing tools that could be utilized to accelerate and take to scale its adoption. The course will draw heavily from "real-world" examples in cities, corporations, financial institutions, and national and subnational governments that have utilized natural infrastructure and/or innovative financing mechanisms to meet their needs. Through a mix of lectures, case studies, problem sets, and guest lectures, students will gain the skills needed to quantify the value of ecosystem services and understand how private investment and financial mechanisms could accelerate the use of natural infrastructure.