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SUMA K4370 Implementation of Corporate Sustainability Strategies. 3 points.

This is an applied course on the metrics, indicators and tools used by businesses to implement strategically relevant Corporate Social and Environmentally Responsibility (CR) or Sustainability programs. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the knowledge and tools used by practitioners in CR. Although this course explores details of the CR strategy implementation, it is designed to link CR to the overall business drivers and is therefore relevant for any potential corporate manager or consultant. A strategically relevant CR program must seek to build on the values of CR to the business and the business' stakeholders. Therefore, this course is structured around the top values that CR can bring to a business. Once we identify the ‘value pathway', we explore tools (standards, guidelines, benchmarks, certifications, analytic tools, etc) and metrics available to measure performance against those tools in order to achieve that value. The course relies heavily on class discussions through case studies, debates, hypothesis testing, role playing and student presentations. The course is split into six (6) sections - each representing a CR Value Pathway. Each Section will be comprised of 2 sessions during which we will discuss key dilemmas associated with the value pathway, discuss tools, metrics and indicators available to address the dilemma and then explore a business case study through student discussions.