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SUMA K4360 Sustainability Technology and the Evolution of Smart Cities. 3 points.

The progress of sustainability in recent years has almost entirely been a result in the evolution of smart, sustainable technology solutions. This course examines opportunities to drive sustainability through technology applications with the end goal of piecing together all of the pieces to envision an intelligent city. Companies are increasingly turning to technology to fulfill their sustainability goals considering many technologies provide off-the-shelf, cost-effective and immediate savings compared to operationally invasive, resource-heavy sustainability transformation programs. Sustainability technology ranges from intelligent infrastructure to mobile applications that help to drive the "sharing economy". The course will provide an overview of the sustainability technologies that large corporations are actively pursuing and delve into the project management and integration strategies required to implement these solutions. Successful sustainability practitioners must not only have a strong understanding of the values and methodologies of sustainable operations, but also the tools and technologies available to drive sustainability throughout their organization. Upon completion of the class, students will have a sufficient level of understanding to discuss these solutions and relevant case studies with potential employers. This course will benefit anyone interested in a career in sustainability or in smart cities as it will provide them the skills and analytical capabilities to analyze which sustainability technologies are a good fit for their company's sustainability and growth strategy.