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SUMA K4260 Dynamics of Energy Efficiency. 3 points.

Responsible resource management represents the cornerstone of any sustainability initiative. Because the generation and distribution of energy has a profound, continuous, and global impact on natural resources, energy issues tend to be the fulcrum upon which sustainability programs hinge. The ability to identify and articulate organizational upside from energy savings tied to efficiency and renewable energy projects, is a required skill-set for successful future managers of sustainability initiatives. This physical dimensions course will provide real-world information on energy management issues from a practitioner’s perspective. The course will focus on four core dynamics of energy efficiency—physical, management, financial and regulatory. These dynamics provide a context through which to understand various aspects of the field of energy management while also providing a framework to guide energy-related decision making. First, students will learn the underpinnings of the physical phenomena at play in building energy consumption. The management/administrative dynamic will focus on the quantification and expression of those physical phenomena. Through data analysis, improvements to building energy use can be pursued. Once improvements are identified the question of how to pay for them arises. This is the focus of the financial dynamic. Finally, students will learn the current regulatory and policy framework surrounding efficiency, through which performance standards for building systems are mandated and incentives to industry leaders who make the decision to exceed those standards are provided. Best practice in energy management will always involve some level of complex engineering to survey existing conditions and predict energy savings from various improvement options. Sustainability managers need to understand how to manage that analysis and translate the opportunity it reveals to decision makers within their organization. The most successful sustainability managers leverage outside funds to pay for their energy saving projects. This course is intended to provide students with tools that will enable them to do just that.