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SUMA K4170 Sustainable Operations. 3 points.

In this course, students will work to understand and communicate the importance of identifying and incorporating sustainability at each step along the value chain, including product design, procurement, distribution, manufacturing, product use and end-of-life disposition. By considering the organization holistically, students will perform analyses of the value chain, including Life Cycle and Cost/Benefit Analyses, and incorporate effective sustainability strategies into the organizational culture and day-to-day operations. Students will conduct risk analyses and implement risk reduction measures in an effort to develop, produce, and distribute more sustainable products and services, aligned with overall business goals. In addition to technical sustainability considerations such as climate change, energy, water and waste, students will be able to implement sustainability initiatives within operating organizations through innovative change management, culture change and other organizational strategies. Importantly, students will be challenged to think concretely about making choices and balancing elements of the triple bottom line in an overall business context.