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REGN U6523 UN Communications in a Changing World Order. 1.5 Point.

Category: MIA/MPA: Short Course, Regional
Fall 2017 Course Dates: Sept. 7 - Oct. 19

The roles played by the media and legal systems are increasingly being challenged in new ways, and democracy is being forced to adapt.  As the world’s political, social and economic tectonic plates shift, the course will seek to explore the practical measures that key communications practitioners need to develop and to deploy in a world of growing uncertainty. With a particular focus on the United Nations and the United States, we will explore speechwriting, and multi-media communications, including the increasing use of twitter and other social media by global leaders including the UN Secretary-General and the President of the United States, to convey messages. We will explore how social media can be both a force for good in disseminating more information more widely and quickly. We will also examine whether the use of social media by international organisations, Governments and political leaders could be contributing to a growing sense of instability, fueling populism or risking wider conflict.  We will study specific contemporary examples of communications campaigns by the United Nations over global climate change and cholera in Haiti, that have demonstrated the strengths and limitations of overall communications strategies. We will examine contemporary crisis management at a time of immense flux and a growing challenge both to multi-lateralism in international diplomacy and multi-culturalism more generally. Can new means of communications help re-enforce many of the multi-lateral agreements and assist institutions in re-validating themselves, from agreements on climate change to universal human rights? Does the rise of new non-Western international media outlets such as RT, China General Television News: CGTN (formerly CCTV) & Al Jazeera help create more understanding about common global challenges or merely competing perspectives on previously accepted universal norms? Does social media help to enrich our information space or does it enable populism and the undermining of truth-based journalism and global problem solving?

Term Section Call Number Instructor Times/Location
Fall 2017 001 76299 Mark Seddon Th 4:10pm - 6:00pm
1201 International Affairs Bldg