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INAF U8370 Promoting Decent Work and Labor Rights in a Globalized Economy. 3 Points.

Category: EPD

What it means to be a worker, to struggle for labor rights, to regulate employment relations and labor markets, and to be part of the labor movement are all in flux in the contemporary global economy, including developing countries.  Raising labor standards, protecting and extending labor rights, and creating good jobs are particularly challenging within a volatile global economy, and have been a focus of the ILO’s “decent work” agenda as well as being reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals. This course will examine evidence on shifting practice and hotly contested debates on collective action frames, activist and advocacy approaches, and policy alternatives in both the public and intergovernmental spheres as well as the spheres of private regulation of market actors through schemes like monitoring and fair trade.  We will integrate a focus on global and transnational levels of action and policy debates with discussion of comparative national perspectives and “models” within the global South, while also paying attention to trends in the global North, distinctive Northern models and how trade and investment arrangements linking North and South how the contours of labor rights practices and struggles across and within borders.  We will explore how contemporary systems of national labor regulation and traditional patterns of labor organizing have been undermined by precarious work, informality and a flexible “gig” economy increasingly shorn of protections.  What role might ideas of “flexicurity” or conceptions of “decent work” and “rights at work” play in refashioning worker protections? How have labor movements and labor advocates sought to redefine their identities, boundaries, and mission as work has become more irregular, employment less stable, the workforce increasingly gendered, and politics increasingly wrought by cleavages along lines of nationality, race, and ethnicity? What place do labor rights have in the spread of regional and multilateral trade and investment agreements which threaten a race to the bottom?

Term Section Call Number Instructor Times/Location
Fall 2017 001 63284 Scott Martin W 11:00am - 12:50pm
501a International Affairs Bldg