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INAF U6894 Dimensions of Leadership for an Interconnected World: Ready to Lead?. 3 Points.

Category: Management

The premise of this course is that as a Columbia University student you face a dilemma of privilege. Whatever were the circumstances of your birth, as a graduate of SIPA, you will have more and better opportunities than the vast majority of people in your generation. At the stand time, you face a burden of choices about what to make the purpose of your lives and how to focus the leadership potential you have developed at, and prior to, SIPA. It’s a first-class problem to have, but it remains a problem. At a time when the world faces numerous challenges, many caused by failures of leadership, this course seeks to help you, as our next generation of leaders, make the case for your leadership. The class will provide a 5-dimensional leadership framework, delivered and discussed through 5 pairs lectures and group assignments, but much more importantly it is forum to help you, and me, grow as leaders. This class has helped students inform their immediate and longer-term career plans and to find meaningful opportunities in the world beyond Morningside Heights.

Term Section Call Number Instructor Times/Location
Fall 2017 001 62202 Richard Steele M 6:10pm - 8:00pm
501b International Affairs Bldg