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INAF U6796 War and Captivity. 3 Points.

Category: ISP

As long as societies have gone to war, commanders have had to consider how they will treat captives. It can be a factor at every stage of a struggle, from negotiations to avert war, tactics and strategy for winning, and post-conflict resolution. And long after the end of fighting, the experience of captivity can continue to shape how people recall and commemorate their history. This course examines how generations of lawmakers, diplomats, military commanders and activists have dealt with the problem of captivity. It will also explore the experience of the captives themselves, as well as their guards, including those guards who themselves were made prisoner after being accused of war crimes. Students will become familiar not just with different kinds of modern conflict, but also the different disciplinary methods for studying it, from sociology and political science to philosophy and international law.

Term Section Call Number Instructor Times/Location
Fall 2017 001 12531 Sarah Kovner T 11:00am - 12:50pm
501a International Affairs Bldg