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EAEE E3103 Energy, minerals and materials systems. 3 points.

Lect: 3.Not offered during 2017-18 academic year.

Prerequisites: (MSAE E3111) or (MECE E3301) and (ENME E3161) or (MECE E3100) or equivalent.
Corequisites: MSAE E3111,MECE E3301,ENME E3161,MECE E3100

Overview of energy resources, resource management from extraction and processing to recycling and final disposal of wastes. Resources availability and resource processing in the context of the global natural and anthropogenic material cycles; thermodynamic and chemical conditions including nonequilibrium effects that shape the resource base; extractive technologies and their impact on the environment and the biogeochemical cycles; chemical extraction from mineral ores, and metallurgical processes for extraction of metals. In analogy to metallurgical processing, power generation and the refining of fuels are treated as extraction and refining processes. Large scale of power generation and a discussion of its impact on the global biogeochemical cycles.                                                

Fall 2017: EAEE E3103
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
EAEE 3103 001/72651 T Th 10:10am - 11:25am
834 Seeley W. Mudd Building
Ah-Hyung Alissa Park 3 28/40