Core Registration and Petitions

All students are strongly encouraged to consult their academic advisors before making any decisions regarding their Core registration. Registration for Core courses takes place online during the regular course registration periods.

Core Petitions

Students who wish to register for Art Humanities or Music Humanities, but are unable to make changes to their course registration via SSOL, can do so by filing a petition at the Center for the Core Curriculum located in 202 Hamilton Hall.

The Core Registration Petition period runs from the first Tuesday of classes to the following Monday. The last day to drop a Core class is the Friday of the second week of classes. Visit the GS Academic Calendar for specific dates.

University Writing

Students are not guaranteed a section change and can only be accommodated in the case of a schedule conflict with other Core or required courses. Students are advised not to contact University Writing professors directly as sections cannot be modified by course instructors.

Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization

Students enrolled in Literature Humanities or Contemporary Civilization in the fall will have their registration automatically rolled over into the spring semester by the Registrar.

If the "F" sections of Literature Humanities or Contemporary Civilization are full, students may not petition to add into any of the "C" sections. This rule is strictly enforced and no petitions will be accepted.