Literature Pre-Summer 2012

Literature courses expose students to writers recognized for their ability to convey ideas, feelings, and images through the power and play of words. The study of literature provides students with an opportunity to deepen their critical reading and writing skills.

The literature requirement is fulfilled by the completion of two literature courses, one of which must be taken at Columbia. In addition to the rich variety of courses offered by the Department of English and Comparative Literature, students may choose from among the many literature courses found in Columbia's foreign language and literature departments as well as from the list of special GS colloquia.

Courses on literature in translation, as well as literature courses in foreign languages at the 3000 level or above, may satisfy the literature requirement. Students may also elect to take the two-semester course Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy, HUMA GS1001-HUMA GS1002, to fulfill the literature or humanities requirement. The course is particularly recommended for students who are planning to major in English literature or Philosophy.

To fulfill the literature requirement, the course must focus exclusively on the formal study of poetry, fiction, drama, or related literary genres. Courses that focus primarily on literary theory, film, music, creative writing, or other non-literary interdisciplinary topics may not count for the literature requirement, even though they may be taught within the Department of English and Comparative Literature.