Humanities Pre-Summer 2012

Humanities courses offer ways to understand the development of cultures and how the human experience is expressed in art, music, literature, architecture, drama, and religion. Students are required to take two courses selected from the humanities offerings.

Students must select two humanities courses from the following departments or interdisciplinary programs to count toward the humanities requirement. In foreign language departments, only courses at the 3000 level or above, excluding courses focused on language instruction, may count to the humanities requirement.

  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Art History and Archaeology
  • Classics
  • English and Comparative Literature
  • Film and Media Studies
  • French and Francophone Studies
  • Germanic Languages
  • History*
  • Italian
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Slavic Languages
  • Spanish and Portuguese

*Courses from the Department of History may be counted toward the social science or the humanities requirement, but in no case may more than two courses from one department be used to fulfill Core requirements.

GS students may elect to take the two-semester course Masterpieces of European Literature and Philosophy, HUMA GS1001-HUMA GS1002 (commonly known as "Lit Hum"), to fulfill the humanities or literature requirement. This year-long course is highly recommended for students considering a major in English literature or philosophy. 

GS students may also elect to take the two-semester course Contemporary Civilization, COCI GS1101-COCI GS1102, to fulfill one social science and one humanities requirement. This year-long course is highly recommended for students planning to major in political science.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The following interdisciplinary programs offer courses in both humanities and social sciences. GS advisors must determine the appropriate category for a course when taken to satisfy a core requirement.

  • African Studies
  • African-American Studies
  • American Studies
  • Asian American Studies
  • Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • Comparative Literature and Society
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Hispanic Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies
  • Women's and Gender Studies