Music Humanities

The music humanities core courses are designed to awaken and encourage in students an appreciation of music, to help them learn to respond intelligently to a variety of musical idioms by developing analytical skills and a conceptual framework for interpretation, and to engage students in debates about the character and purpose of music throughout human history.

GS students must fulfill the music humanities requirement by taking one of the following:

Exemption from the Music Humanities Requirement

Although all Columbia students are required to take Music Humanities, there are some students who enter with exceptional musical backgrounds that may qualify them for exemption. Exemption from music humanities may be obtained by passing an exemption exam. In the case of transfer students, exemption from the music humanities requirement may also be obtained by filing a course substitution request.

Exemption Exam

The music humanities exemption exam is offered on the first Friday of the fall semester by the Music Department (621 Dodge Hall). Students who matriculate in the spring semester should take the exam in the following fall term. Students may take the exam only once during their first year at Columbia. If they do not pass the exam, they must enroll in a section of Music Humanities.

Course Substitution

In addition to the exemption exam, students with approved transfer credit have the option of requesting exemption on the basis of a similar music course passed with a grade of B or higher at another college or university. This exemption must be requested during the student’s first semester at Columbia. Petitions submitted in subsequent semesters will not be considered by the Core Curriculum Office. Deadlines: November 1 for Fall matriculates, March 1 for Spring matriculates.