The Core

The Core Requirements

When today’s GS students enroll in core courses, they know they are taking part in one of the University’s longest standing educational traditions. With courses focusing on philosophical inquiry, artistic expression, and scientific investigation, the Core transcends disciplinary boundaries and asks students to pursue themes across national frontiers and historical epochs.  Flexibility within the Core allows students to choose from several departments to fulfill specified core requirements in science, literature, humanities, foreign language, quantitative reasoning, and social sciences, thereby encouraging them to explore new areas of inquiry, develop their intellectual interests, and situate their knowledge within the age-old tradition of Western thought while reflecting critically about this tradition and its place in global history.  

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The Core (for students starting after Summer 2012)

The Core Pre-Summer 2012 (for students who started before Summer 2012)

Distribution Requirements Before 2003 (for students who started before 2003)