Students are expected to attend all classes including discussion sections and laboratory periods for each course.

In general, absenteeism from a course will lead to a lower grade and may even result in failure. Students are held accountable for absences owing to late enrollment. Students who must miss class due to religious holidays should inform their instructors in advance and make appropriate arrangements to make up missed work. (See below for the University's policy on religious holidays.)

When an instructor judges a student's absences to be excessive, the instructor may report this to the Office of the Dean of Students for appropriate action.

Absences or Falling Behind in Class

Students who find themselves unable to attend classes or complete academic work at any time during the semester should contact their GS academic advisors immediately. In consultation with the advisor and the instructor, a student may be able to make arrangements for extensions on work within the time frame of the semester or, under more serious circumstances, may be advised to withdraw from a course or from the semester. Students who miss more than two weeks of classes are counseled to give serious consideration to withdrawing from the semester in progress.

Religious Holidays

It is the policy of the University to respect its members’ religious beliefs. In compliance with New York State law, each student who is absent because of his or her religious beliefs will be given an equivalent opportunity to register for classes or make up any examination, study, or work requirements that he or she may have missed because of such absences on any particular day or days. No student will be penalized for absences due to religious beliefs, and alternative means will be sought for satisfying the academic requirements involved.

Officers of administration and of instruction responsible for scheduling of academic activities or essential services are expected to avoid conflict with religious holidays as much as possible. If a suitable arrangement cannot be made between the student and the instructor the student should consult the appropriate dean or department chair. If an additional appeal is needed, it may be taken to the Provost.