Academic Review

At the end of each term the Committee on Academic Standing reviews the records of all students enrolled in the School of General Studies to determine whether academic progress is being made. Students who are making satisfactory academic progress are considered to be in good standing, whereas those in academic difficulty are subject to academic discipline. Students ending the term with more than two incompletes are not usually permitted to enroll in the next semester without the explicit permission of the Committee on Academic Standing. Students with one or more incompletes are typically not permitted to enroll in summer session or study abroad. Students who withdraw from a semester after the eleventh week of classes cannot return for the following semester without the approval of the Committee on Academic Standing.

Good Standing

To be considered in good standing, undergraduates must maintain semester and cumulative grade point averages of 2.0 or higher, have no marks of UW (Unofficial Withdrawal) or AR (Administrative Referral), no unauthorized incompletes, incur no failing grades, and make satisfactory academic progress (see "Failure to Make Academic Progress" below). Students with multiple withdrawals, or who are placed on probation or required to withdraw for either academic or disciplinary reasons, are not in good standing. Only students in good standing are eligible for study away from Columbia, study abroad, or to hold officer positions within the GS Student Council.

Failure to Make Academic Progress

Consequences for failing to make academic progress range from academic warning to dismissal, depending on the severity of academic failure and the recurrence of unsatisfactory progress. Students placed on academic probation or who are returning on probation after a leave of absence from the School are required to complete a probation contract in consultation with their respective GS advisors prior to their next term of enrollment.

Undergraduates within General Studies fail to make academic progress for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to complete the American Language Program (ALP) requirements within the required time frame
  2. Falling below a 2.0 semester grade point average 
  3. Receiving a grade of F
  4. Failure to make satisfactory academic progress toward the degree (such as having a major or cumulative grade point average below a 2.0)

Administrative Warning

Administrative warnings are issued by the Committee on Academic Standing whenever necessary (failure to comply with an administrative policy or deadline). Students receive such a warning only once; failure to comply with the warning may lead to more serious consequences (such as registration hold).

Academic Warning

Academic warnings are issued by the Committee on Academic Standing whenever necessary (e.g., failure to declare a major before completing 90 credits toward the degree). Students receive such a warning only once; failure to comply with the warning can lead to probation and registration hold.

Academic Probation

Academic probation is a serious warning that immediate and significant improvement is needed, as a second consecutive unsatisfactory semester may lead to suspension or dismissal from the School. Students are placed on probation when they receive the mark of F, have unsatisfactory grade point averages, or have not heeded an earlier warning.

A student is removed from probation upon attaining a satisfactory academic record the following term (including summer), based upon at least 6 points taken for a letter grade.

Academic Suspension

Students with two consecutive unsatisfactory semesters are normally suspended from the School for up to one year. A student can also be suspended from the School by the Committee on Academic Standing after one unsatisfactory semester, especially in those cases where a student meets more than one of the criteria for academic probation or fails to make any academic progress in a given term. A student with multiple unsatisfactory semesters or multiple withdrawals is subject to a period of suspension. Suspension from the School is also a possible consequence of academic dishonesty.

Students suspended for academic reasons may appeal their suspension to the Dean of School of General Studies within two weeks of the official suspension notification.

A student who has been required to withdraw from the School must petition the Committee on Academic Standing for re-enrollment within three years of the suspension. See the Leaves of Absence and Withdrawals page for information on re-enrollment.

Academic Dismissal

A student who fails to make any academic progress in a given term, who has completed two or more terms with a cumulative GPA below 2.0, who fails to fulfill the criteria of probationary status, or who returns from a period of academic suspension and fails to make satisfactory progress is eligible for dismissal from the School. A student can also be summarily dismissed from the School for academic failure or academic dishonesty. Ties with GS are permanently severed for students who are dismissed from the School.

Students dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons may appeal their dismissal to the Dean of the School of General Studies within two weeks of the official notification of dismissal.

Premedical Undergraduate Academic Review

Students who have identified themselves as interested in pursuing a premedical track will have their academic performance in premedical coursework reviewed by the Premedical Committee at the end of each term.  Students whose grades in premedical coursework indicate academic difficulty will be contacted by their premedical advisors.