Accelerated Sequence

An accelerated 18-month premedical program, beginning with January enrollment, is available for those students who are prepared academically to begin Calculus, General Chemistry, and Physics.

The following is an example of an accelerated sequence, and should not replace an informed and comprehensive conversation with an academic advisor.

Program planning decisions may vary depending on the student’s prior academic record, preparation, and circumstances. These should be made in consultation with an academic advisor.

First Year
General Chemistry:   CHEM UN2443 
CHEM UN1403 CHEM S1404X Organic Chemistry I: 
General Chemistry Lab:   Organic Chemistry Lab I: 
 CHEM S1500X* CHEM UN2493 
General Physics:   Contemporary Biology I: 
PHYS UN1201 PHYS S1202X BIOL UN2401 
General Physics Lab:   Contemporary Biology Lab: 
PHYS UN1291 PHYS S1292X BIOL UN2501** 
Calculus I (if needed): Introduction to Statistics:  
MATH UN1101 STAT S1111D  
Second Year
Organic Chemistry II: Take MCAT Glide Year: 
CHEM UN2444 Begin medical school application process Deepen exposure to science coursework, research, or clinical work 
Organic Chemistry Lab II:   
CHEM UN2494   
Contemporary Biology II:   
BIOL UN2402   
Contemporary Biology Lab:   
BIOL UN2501**   
Third Year
Glide Year: Glide Year:  
Deepen exposure to science coursework, research, or clinical work Deepen exposure to science coursework, research, or clinical work